10. Norton Utilities

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Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is a very popular registry cleaner on the market that many people turn to, however it is only raked as number nine out of the top ten registries. Meaning that Norton, despite having the good brand name, may not be the best registry cleaner to get for your computer registry.


  • Easy to understand
  • More than just a registry cleaner
  • Brand name that people trust

Special Features
The Norton name is widely known to deliver great products, meaning that Norton Utilities gain popularity for just this reason. However, Norton Utilities offer more than just registry cleaning. The additional services include, managing those programs that run on start up, decrementing your disk, and monitoring your system. This makes it what many people to believe the all in one package that they have been searching for.

However, Norton Utilities has a few bad points as well. For starters, many times when a change is made to update Windows, the old Norton Utilities will no longer work because unlike other registry cleaners it cannot update itself to adjust to these new settings. Meaning that more money out of your pocket to purchase a new registry cleaner. In addition, Norton Utilities require that the computer be connected to the Internet in order to work and if you are running a Windows system older than XP, then Norton Utilities is no longer a choice for you.

The biggest downfall of Norton Utilities is that the services that the program offers are things that come with Windows, meaning that it is somewhat redundant to purchase Norton when the person has the tools at their fingertips. For those that have ran Norton Utilities on their computers they have reported that the program runs in the background and can actually cause programs and the computer to run at a slower rate.


The cost for Norton Utilities is around $30 or more. However, when it gives you tools that you already have at your disposal, it seems to be a waste of money.

Final Recommendation

Norton Utilities is a waste of money and despite the brand name that is one of the more trusted one out there, this product seems to be low on the quality spectrum. For the amount of money that the user will spend they should buy PC Health Advisor which gives the users tools that they do not already have and is the top ranked registry cleaner. All in all, Norton Utilities seems to cause more problems that it helps and may even cause the computer to run slower than it previously was.

10. Norton Utilities, 5.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings