2. Registry Booster

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Registry Booster

Registry Booster by Uniblue is one of our top rated registry cleaners for 2012.


  • Scans and fixes all registry errors
  • Also offers disk defragmentation
  • User friendly software for newbies
  • Customizable for professionals to use
  • Low cost

Special Features:

Registry Booster is comparable to many other big registry cleaner products. However, there are a few exceptions that most users point out. First off, the speed of which Registry Booster runs is not quite the fastest on the market, however, it is not so slow that it is termed ‘insufficient’. However, on a positive note, Registry Booster was the most efficient registry cleaner as it found more errors that any other program and was able to fix all of them! Which is the main reason most people need a registry cleaner in the first place, so it does prove itself in this aspect.

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Keep Your Computer at the Optimum Level with Uniblue’s RegistryBooster

Having a computer can be both a wonder and a pain, especially when you have been using the same computer for quite some time. As with many other machines, a computer tends to run slower and crashes more often as it grows older. Most computer experts attribute this to the fact that Windows computer users often update their computer’s registry when they install or uninstall programs, add or remove hardware, and even change their computer settings from time to time. These changes could create problems with the Windows’ Registry and could escalate into something more serious like corruption of files, unstable operation and even computer crash. These problems however can be addressed with the use of the RegistryBooster software.

Registry Booster Scan Start

RegistryBooster is an award-winning system created by the clever people behind the celebrated company called Uniblue. This software aims to solve Windows registry problems that most Windows users commonly encounter. The software keeps to the following operation steps:

  • Extensively scans the computer to check for file and system errors and registry conflicts
  • Repairs or removes unused, infected, irregular and harmful registry entries to optimize the computer’s performance
  • Regularly scans the computer to keep the Windows registry structure and the whole computer system running smoothly and efficiently

Registry Booster Scan 2

With the above mentioned steps, RegistryBooster guarantees immediate boost in the computer’s performance as well as a decrease in system and registry conflicts. RegistryBooster is very powerful and comprehensive in improving a computer’s performance, strength and overall health that it also assures the following features:

  • Advanced Error Detection Technology – automatically and rapidly identifies Windows Registry entry problems and conflicts
  • System Overview and Detailed Scan Results Report – updates users about critical Registry information like errors found, repairs performed, scan results and execution dates and even the created restore points
  • Improved Defragmenting Features – regularly defragments computer system to avoid crashes
  • Automatic Scans at Start-up – enhances computing experience and keeps the Windows registry optimized and efficient
  • Automatic Back-up and Restore – restores the system at a certain point in the event of erroneous repairs and changes

Registry Booster Scan 3

RegistryBooster also offers a user-friendly environment with its clean, accessible and tabbed layout. This makes the software highly navigational and very easy to use as the interface features a Registry-centric environment – focusing on all the important elements of optimizing the system’s Registry.

Uniblue offers a free trial version for this software and thus it can be downloaded from the website, installed on to the system and used for free with of course, some limitations to the functionality and performance. The trial version only allows for 15 sections of repair on the Registry and it wouldn’t specifically tell the user which registry problems are addressed. This is good for a trial version but it would have been better if it does more than that so that users can better gauge the efficacy of the software and lure them that spending $29.95 for the full version is money well spent.

The full version however tells a completely different story as numerous users expressed satisfaction with the product, especially those who would rather not deal with the complexity and the technicality of registry operations and let the software do its thing. Even advanced users prefer the comprehensive features of RegistryBooster compared to other Registry software in the market today. Most users would rate the RegistryBooster as follows:

Ease of Installation – 5.0 out of 5.0

RegistryBooster installs speedily and runs flawlessly as expected, even on the first scan. The minimum requirements of at least 3500MHz of Pentium processor, 256MB of RAM and 100 MB free space of hard disk are really easy to meet especially when it can be installed on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 versions. The installer for this software is guaranteed to run without a glitch provided that the user meets the minimum requirements prior to installation.

Set of Useful Features – 4.5 out of 5.0

True, RegistryBooster is packed with different amazing features but some users think they needed more than what the system can provide.

For instance, users can configure the software to automatically scan on system start-up or they can opt to start it manually which is actually a good feature but most users hope it also comes with a scheduler wherein they can automate when they wanted the software to run specifically and which operations should it perform on the clock.

The software can also defragment the registry and generate backups for optimum security but it would have been better if it comes with a feature to find spyware that could pose a potential risk on to the computer’s registry when not detected.

Ease of Use – 4.5 out of 5.0

As mentioned above, the software comes with a streamlined user interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. With its menus organized in tabs and sub-categories, users will never feel lost at all. It is easy to find whatever the user needs to find and do. The software’s easy default searches, settings and one-click repair also allow majority of the users (who only knows the basics) not to deal with the complexity of registry and how it actually works.

Customer Service and Support – 4.0 out of 5.0

RegistryBooster comes with a Support Dashboard wherein users can find Frequently Asked Questions and its answers as well as a full user manual that can be accessed online even when the user chooses not to purchase the full version of the software yet. The software’s developer – Uniblue – can be contacted through email, which is really very helpful, though it would have been much better if the company would provide a customer support through the telephone as well.

Safety and Security – 4.5 out of 5.0

RegistryBooster comes with some safety measures features that will ensure even the most basic users that they won’t alter their system in a negative or harmful way while using the software. Aside from suggesting to the users what to do next after scanning – either ignoring errors or cleaning and deleting them – the software also automatically creates a registry backup prior to any action so users can revert to the old configuration when they need to.

Many users see the software as the best thing that ever hit the Registry today which can be true because in general, RegistryBooster is known to only bring the “good” in to a computer system, never the “bad”. And since the system has greatly improved over the last years as Uniblue listens to its clients’ feedback and did something about them, most users are assured that the software will never muddle up with their registry either knowingly or unknowingly.

Overall, Registry Booster is the top program, easy enough for those that are not that technology savvy and understand that they need to clean the computer registry. Registry Booster won top honors and is our recommended Registry Cleaner for 2011. But then again, the software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so if a user thinks he doesn’t see any improvement at all on his computer’s performance, then he can opt for a refund for the software.

2. Registry Booster, 8.8 out of 10 based on 11 ratings