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Whether you like it or not; you need to keep your PC clean. Not only does keeping your PC clean allow it to run quicker, but it also prevents spyware and malware getting a hold of your private information.

We live in an advanced world of Internet technology, and people are using spyware and all kinds of malware to infiltrate our computers. You may not even realize that your PC is infected with any of the following problems:

  • Slow performance
  • Registry errors
  • Malware
  • Clutter
  • ActiveX errors


In order to protect your private information and have your PC running at an optimal rate, you need software that helps to eliminate the causes of the problems. One of the best and most effective PC ‘cleaners’ is SpeedyPC PRO.

Let’s take a look at why SpeedyPC PRO is regarded as being one of the best pieces of software for your PC health.


This Software is an easy to install download that is designed to increase the performance of your PC. It achieves this through ‘cleaning’ up the corrupt files that have gathered on your PC since the first day you bought it.

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The software works in 3 simple steps. The first step is the scanning process where it will scan your entire system for corrupt and ‘bad’ files. After those files have been identified, it will show you the results and give you the option to remove them from your PC. Once the files have been removed, you should see a noticeable improvement in your PC’s performance.

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This simple 3 step process is the foundation to the software and is aimed to keep your PC from holding ‘clutter’ and other dangerous files. However, there are more advanced options within the software that allow for even better performance – such as:

  • Improving PC start up time
  • Optimizing memory
  • Start up optimization
  • Helping open file extensions

The software will run on pretty much any modern computer or laptop. The software runs on Window’s operating systems only and needs between 1 and 2 gigabytes of RAM to run.

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In brief: this software is designed to help optimize your PC’s performance through removing corrupt and dangerous files. It even helps to protect your privacy through removing personal information that might still be stored on your PC and getting rid of pesky malware


This software has been proven to significantly improve the performance of PC’s and help keep the personal information stored on your PC safe. Let’s take a better look at how the software manages to achieve this.

Solving computer performance issues

Computer issues are an extremely general term – however, this program can fix almost all your computer performance issues. Using the software can help with some common problems as:

  • Cleaning up clutter
  • Eliminating active malware
  • Removing browser ad-ons
  • PC start up times

The problems above are usually caused by the build up of useless files that eventually slow down the performance of your PC. As mentioned above, these problems can be anything from the speed in which your computer runs to the frequency in which your PC crashes. Whatever the problem you are having with your PC, it can most likely be cured by this software.

Removing malware

Malware is one of the biggest threats that your PC can encounter. If you have any form of malware on your computer, you could be risking a lot of your private information. Some malware are designed to steal personal information such as bank details and passwords. Making sure your PC is free from these is vital for your own safety. The program scans your PC for malware and removes then at the touch of a button.

Cleaning your Window’s registry

Your Window’s registry is a massive database of files that need to be looked after. If your Window’s registry isn’t clean, then your PC performance is almost definitely going to suffer – and can show in the form of slowness, crashing, freezing and other performance issues.

The software can help clear your Window’s registry of:

  • Start-up entries
  • ActiveX files
  • Uninstall entries
  • Shell extensions
  • Many more

Keep your private information private

A big mistake that a lot of people make when selling their computer or discarding it, is not removing their personal information properly. While it may seen that your private information isn’t stored on your computer anymore, chances are that it is still stored in some form somewhere on your hard drive – and could potentially be found by other people who use your computer.

This is where this program can really help you. The software will scan your whole PC and find where your personal details have been stored and remove them at your choice. Doing so will eliminate all traces of your information.

Using this program makes sure other people can’t access:

  • Credit card details
  • Passwords
  • Financial information
  • Any other confidential information

Other features:

While it is designed to help improve the performance of your PC through removing cluttering files, it has its other uses as well.

Some of the other impressive features include:

  • Being able to open file extensions easier
  • Optimizing your PC memory
  • Customizing start up programs
  • Managing resources
  • Much more

The price you pay for this program is great value given the exceptional amount of benefits that you will be getting.

Should I Give It a Try?

If you are looking for a simple solution to optimizing the speed of your PC then this is your one stop software.

The software impresses with it’s easy to navigate functions and vast amount of beneficial features. The only problem you may encounter when using the software is that you might remove a file from your PC that served some vague use; although that is highly unlikely.

Not only does SpeedyPC PRO do a perfect job at optimizing the speed of your PC, but it also helps to keep your private information safe. At the click of just a few buttons on the software, you can safely remove all your personal details from your hard-drive, ensuring that no one can see or use them without your permission.

Overall the software is extremely easy to use and can dramatically improve the performance of your PC and protect your private information. If you are looking for an affordable solution to keep your computer in good health, then this is the only software you will need.

1. SpeedyPC PRO, 9.7 out of 10 based on 18 ratings